How to Hier Bestellen to Get the Best Legal Highs at a German Shop


How to hier bestellen to get the best legal highs at a German shop

Have you been looking for a German legal highs shop that carries the legal mixes and legal highs that you want to buy? Have you found a couple of shops but are not sure what to do when it comes to 'hier bestellen', or 'buy here'?


If so, here is a little help in navigating a German legal highs shop. It really is not as difficult as you may think.


Use language Translate -- The easiest way to be able to buy your legal highs from a German shop online is to run the website through language Translate. This will immediately translate most of the site into understandable English. That will allow you to read product descriptions and to be able to follow the 'hier bestellen' instructions.


Adding items to your shopping list -- Just like any other online site, you will need to add your legal mixes and legal highs to your shopping list before you can purchase them.


Once you have finished shopping, look for the German words 'Ihr Warenkorb' and click on them. This will then take you to your shopping list, where you can check your order and decide if this is everything you need. Also note that any prices you are being charged already include VAT.


How to pay for your legal highs -- Most German legal highs shops only accept bank transfers. Some will also accept other payment method.


To buy by bank transfer, just translate that section of the site into English and then follow the instructions.


You will also have two options to 'hier bestellen'. You can either register with the site, which is recommended if you plan on making more purchases in the future, or you can buy as a guest.


The second option means your personal information is not saved on the site, but you will also have to re-enter it the next time you place an order. Click on Hier bestellen for more details.